22 May 2024

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Movie Info –
Name: Pokémon: Victini Aur Reshiram
(Hindi Dubbed as Pokemon Movie Victini Aur Reshiram)
Release Year: 2011 (Hindi Release 20 June 2020 (Hungama TV)
Run Time: 1h 31min
Quality: (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p FHD)
Language: Tamil

Movie Story: Victini, a legendary Pokémon, unable to leave the boundaries of its hometown, is targeted by a determined villager to restore the homelands of his ancestors.


Download links for Pokemon Movie 14 Black Victini And Reshiram Tamil Dub

Pokemon Movie 14 has 2 different versions, the story is same but there are some changes. Hungama has dubbed only one version.

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