21 May 2024
pokemon movie

Title: Pokemon Zoroark – Master of Illusions
Ratings: 6.1/10
Genre: Animation | Action | Family
Release Date: 10 July 2010 (Japan)
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Network: Hungama TV
Running time: 1h 36min
Language: English – Hindi [Org. DTH Audio] 
Subtitle: English [Softcoded]
Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HD | 480p BRRip

Synopsis: A new sports game called “Pokémon Baccer” is having its world cup tournament held in a place called Crown City. Excited, Ash and his friends decide to travel to Crown City to watch. Everyone is very excited to see the game, especially because the three Legendary Beasts of Johto are going to be playing, led by businessman Grings Kodai. However, everything falls apart with that idea, since the evil Pokémon Zoroark stowed away on Grings Kodai’s ship, controlling the beasts and making them wreak havoc across the city, causing everyone to evacuate.

At least until Ash finds out that Zoroark is Zorua’s mother, and that she’s only doing these things for Zorua’s sake. Ash takes it upon himself to return Zorua to Zoroark, and to find out just what it is that Grings Kodai is up to. Which is further complicated by the appearance of the real Legendary Beasts that have come to stop Zoroark.


pokemon movie
pokemon movie
zoroark master of illusions
zoroark master of illusions

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