21 May 2024

Perman 1983 All Episodes in Hindi Download

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Name: Perman (TV Series 1983–1985)
Rating: 8.1/10
Gener: Adventure, Comedy
Season no: 01
Total Episodes:

Release Date: 4 April 1983
Directed By: Hiroshi Sasagawa Sadayoshi Tominaga
TV Channel (India): 
Hungama TV
Running time: 
12 Min (Each Episode)
Language: Hindi Dubbed

Subtitle: No

Synopsis: Mitsuo Suwa, a lazy young boy, meets an alien named Birdman, who is part of a group that maintains peace in the galaxy. Birdman recruits Mitsuo to become a Perman. Mitsuo is given three items. A helmet that multiplies the wearer’s physical strength and serves as a mask. A cape that allows the wearer to fly and run with great speed. A badge that enables the wearer to breathe underwater and to communicate with Permans.

Birdman instructs Mitsuo that if a Perman’s identity becomes known to others, his brain will be destroyed—which is reduced to being turned into an animal. To help keep Mitsuo’s secret identity, Birdman will give Mitsuo a doppelgänger robot called a copy-robot, who takes Mitsuo’s place when Mitsuo is on duty as Perman. During his duty as Perman, Mitsuo meets other Permans; Booby, Perko and Peryan, and they soon become best friends. Perman’s story later revolves around the bonding between the Permans and their adventures of averting crime and disasters.


perman all episodes in hindi download

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