18 July 2024

Yu Yu Hakusho The Movie Poltergeist Report Download

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie Poltergeist Report Download. Also known as Yu Yu Hakusho: Fight for the Netherworld. Released in the year 1994. Download in Japanese with English sub. Bookmark SD Toons for more amazing stuff like this.

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie Poltergeist Report Download

Name: Meikai Shitou-Hen – Honoo No Kizuna
Release Year: 1994
Language: Japanese with English Subs
Resolution: 720p
Size: 500MB

Yusuke and his team of spirit detectives must fight the demons of the Netherworld before they bring a new reign to the human world.

Millennia ago, a war was fought between the Netherworld and the Spirit World. Ultimately, the Netherworld was destroyed and Lord Yakumo, the King of the Netherworld, was banished to the depths of space. Now, five defenders from the Spirit World must team-up against Yakumo’s Demon-Gods for possession of five, mystical sites. But Lord Yakumo is dangerously close to reclaiming the Power Sphere—the source of the Netherworld’s energy—and once it is again in his possession, our world will become the new Netherworld.

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yu yu hakusho the movie poltergeist report download

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Japanese with English Subs

[AppDrive] 805MB

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