24 May 2024

Dragon Ball Z Movie The Tree of Might

dragon ball z movie

Title: Dragon Ball Z Movie The Tree of Might
Ratings: 6.8/10
Genre: Animation | Action | Fantasy
Release Date: 7 July 1990 (Japan)
Running time: 1h 12min
Directed By:Daisuke Nishio
Language:  Hindi
Subtitle: nil
Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HD | 480p Remastered
Encoder: RTI

Synopsis: The Earth’s destruction lies dormant within a single, solitary seed. Brought forth from the darkest reaches of space, the Tree of Might has been sown with the vilest of intentions. Once it takes root, nothing else can survive. Can Goku nip this seed at the bud? Or will an eerily familiar face stop him in his tracks?

A normal day on Earth, Goku and his friends are at peace as is the rest of the world, but suddenly, a giant tree appears and threatens to absorb Earth. Goku must solve this and defeat the culprit of this, being the evil Saiyan pirate Turles.

A mysterious device crashes on planet Earth, causing a wildfire near where Gohan Son, Kuririn, Bulma, and Oolong are camping. Unable to fully save the forest, they decide to use the Dragon Balls to restore it to its previous condition. A few days later, a group of unknown warriors plant a seed where the mysterious device had crashed, sprouting a colossal tree that destroys the forest and neighboring cities in the process.

North Kaio contacts Gokuu Son and tells him that this tree is the “Shinseiju”—a tree that absorbs all the nutrients in the planet and leaves it a barren wasteland, all the while growing a mighty fruit capable of providing incredible power to anyone who eats it. After learning of this, Gokuu and his friends try destroying the tree before it is too late, but that may prove to be more difficult than they had previously imagined.


dbz the tree of might

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